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New on Worldwide Mixtapes is Jelani Lateef with his new mixtape “Cold Days & Hard Nights”. Cold Days & Hard Nights appears to take us on a journey through different pivotal moments in Jelani Lateef’s life. Each moment is significant and seems to contribute to the person he is today. Every song is a reflection of where his story began and feels like he is taking us back home to visit showing us all the streets he used to walk, the house he used to live in, and the block he used to hang out at.

The point is to show the listeners how he got to where he is now. It is not a sugar-coated story but a realistic, mature telling. His honest recollection of low-points are expressed in “In God’s Hands” among others. He even shares a romantically vulnerable side of himself in “Look What You Done.”

An admission that an old but important relationship, in large part, failed because of his actions and who he was at the time. Contributing some of whom he has become to this past relationship and being happy for her as she moves on and succeeds is a mature and grounded conclusion. Ultimately, one theme is clearly woven through this mixtape. Life is hard and life isn’t always fair but it is our job to stay strong, stay inspired, stay thankful, stay working hard and we will be victorious.

Let’s keep our heads up, stay grounded and we will achieve whatever it is we set out to do.