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210West Entertainment is an indie Label based out of Los Angeles, California. “The Brand – Trademarked” is a 15 track compilation album featuring some of the collective’s most talented up and coming artists and producers. Every element needed for a classic Hip Hop record is present and accounted for here. The production throughout is very strong and consistent, showcasing deep roots in “West Coast Gangsta Rap” and “New York Boom Bap”.

The two styles, though very different, have been paired perfectly together here and complement each other brilliantly.

The production pays homage to some of the West Coast’s most prominent and prolific labels. Subtle influences and shades of Top Dawg Ent, Aftermath and Death Row Records were detected in my first listen. These additions are tastefully executed. Much like the production, the featured artists also have acknowledged and embraced their roots. Each song plays to the strengths of each respective artist, allowing them the freedom to create and shape their identity track after track. The comp easily shifts between styles without compromising the overall essence of the project.

Every artist delivers his own distinct brand of swagger, but come together collectively to create a timeless local classic that drips California Love on every offering. “The Brand – Trademarked” is packed with powerful production, stellar lyrical dexterity, and catchy hooks. Some of my favorite songs on here are “Beige Interior”, “Time Warp”, “Matrix Preloaded”, and “Bastards Ballad”. This album is just one more reminder why the west coast, really is the best coast.