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Kweli - B4

Kweli – B4

Man, I'm really feeling the mixtape from this Houston recording artist who goes by Kweli. His mixtape "B4" is a three track introduction to the bars, knowle...
K2 - Spice Cadet

K2 – Spice Cadet

What makes K2 stand out is the fact that he is a LGBT rapper who actually got some bars in a judgmental industry. The attitude is forthcoming and the talent...
Perk - Home

Perk – Home

New project from producer/artist Perk called "Home". It's 8 tracks of beats that fit into the Trap, Vaporwave, Lo-Fi sound. I like the chill vibes it has, would...
Linkz - Bout That Time

Linkz – Bout That Time

Check out the mixtape by Worldwide Mixtapes newcomer Linkz. The name of the mixtape is called Bout That Time. Linkz's approach to hip-hop/pop is heavily based o...